The website got a complete redesign and I think it came out great! I’ve always wanted to have my entire website with the forums and server store integrated all into one website and I’ve managed to do exactly that.

I know all of you with donor ranks have been excited about the overhaul and enhancements I have been saying are coming for the server store ranks. I can finally say they are done! It took me a while longer than I expected, however I can assure you that it is well worth it. I packed all of our ranks with tons of cool new features that includes being able to repair items, more kits for all rank Hero and above along with flying in your town for the Ultimate rank.

You can check out our server store here:

Now on to what you all have been waiting to hear!

Step 1

If you already purchased any of our server ranks  you will need to register on our website in order to claim the new items and town claims that come with the new ranks. After you have completed signing up you will need to head over to our forums and make 3 separate posts. One of your posts needs to be in the introductions section of the forums.

Step 2

Go on our server store and select your rank. When you get to the checkout area make sure, “Reclaim Rank” is selected.

Step 3

Private message me (Devillian) on our Discord server. If you don’t have Discord it is free to download. Link to Discord:

You need to provide the following to me on Discord:

  • Your email on the website
  • Your in game name
  • The rank you are reclaiming

Step 4

Wait for me to approve your Relaim Rank. Once I have approved it you will receive a new rank voucher in game to reclaim your rank perks. As a way to thank all of you for supporting the server you will get the full benefits of the new ranks, which means you will get 100% of the in game money, mcmmo credits, experience and the new items and town claims that come with the rank.

Please do not ask me when I will get your rank completed, I will do it as fast as I can!



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