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1-8-2018 Latest Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Devillian, Jan 9, 2018.

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    It was a hard decision but I decided to restructure the server around the Towny plugin, rather than my custom system I was using. Players just were not understanding the full concept and it would have taken me another year or 2 to get things the way I wanted.

    I have already spent the last 4 years of my life working on my custom systems and it's time that I get something going. My plan is to merge my custom plugins around more of what players understand and are used to. I will release modified versions of my custom plugins that fit more with the Towny theme.

    My goal is to slowly create an amazing rpg and economy based server driven by the players. Right now the best methods for generating income is to mine and sell. However, I will be adding better and more effecient ways to do this to help remove the grind of mining.

    I feel like mining should be used for crafting items and getting resources for building your towns. I know that not everyone likes to mine and wants to purchase these materials. So, I will continue to explore ideas on how to make our servers economy fun and rewarding.

    Latest Updates
    -Restructured the server around Towny plugin
    -Setup 6 races for you to choose from. You gain experience for your class from killing naturally spawning mobs. Mobs spawned from spawners will not give you experience that levels your race. As you level you can add attribute points to increase 4 stats with "/class attr"
    -Added custom items with 1000's of variations of stats. This works similar to games like Diablo and other dungeon running games. The items drop from naturally spawning mobs.
    -Add "/shop" for buying and selling resources
    -Added private chest locking
    -Add /wild for random teleport
    -Added tnt and observer blocks to the banned crafting list

    - I'm currently working on 50+ custom mobs that will drop items, money, enchanting exp and race exp.

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